Notícia | SELS LISBON – Law and the Digital Era

ELSA U.Lisboa is thrilled to announce the first edition of its Summer ELSA Law School on “Law and the Digital Era”, which will take place from July 20-27, 2024. This SELS will be held in the capital of Portugal and gastronomy: Lisbon.

Our SELS is the achievement of a purpose that we have aspired to for a long time at ELSA U.Lisboa: combining the opportunity to introduce Participants to our beautiful city, Lisbon, with all its characteristic features such as gastronomy and landscapes, with an interesting Academic Programme about increasingly emerging areas in different legal fields.

As the European Capital of Innovation of 2023, Lisbon has been investing in innovation and new technologies, proving that it is one of the most important centres of development and transaction in the digital era. This is why the topic of “Law and the Digital Era” is extremely relevant to our city, enabling us to offer Participants a versatile Academic Programme,  featuring lectures and workshops, regarding new technologies and the legal challenges they pose. Contracts, Consumer Law, Cybercrime, and Legal Design will be in the centre of our attention and analysis.

Apart from diving into “Law and the Digital Era”, Participants will get to experience our Social and Cultural Programme, which includes group activities on the beach, gastronomic experiences, nightlife, city tours and much more. Participants will need to bring their swimming suits and sunglasses because they might want to swim under the Portuguese sun in July.

You can find more information on our SELS on Instagram and LinkedIn.



  • Monday (22/07)

Venue: Vieira de Almeida

9h30 – 11h00:
Lecture: Introduction to Law in the Digital Era and Digital Governance
Speaker: Magda Cocco (Senior partner of VdA TMT team)

11h30 – 13h00:
Lecture: Consumers in a Digital Society
Speaker: Madalena Gomes Cruz

  • Tuesday (23/07)

Venue: Vieira de Almeida

9h30 – 10h30:
Lecture: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law
Speaker: Pedro da Palma Gonçalves

11h00 – 12h00:
Lecture: The world of Blockchain: Smart Contracts and NFTs
Speaker: Helena Correia Mendonça

12h00 – 13h00:
Lecture: Practical Session on Smart Contracts
Speaker: Iakovina Kindylidi

  • Wednesday (24/07)

Venue: Lisbon Faculty of Law

9:00 – 9:20:

Lecture: Opening session in Lisbon School of Law

Speaker: Eduardo Vera-Cruz (Headmaster of Lisbon School of Law)

9h30 – 10h30:
Lecture: Introductory lecture on Artificial intelligence in the EU
Speaker: Iakovina Kindylidi

10h45 – 11h45:
Lecture: Debate about the impact of new technologies on legal professions
Speaker: Iakovina Kindylidi

12h00 – 13h15:
Lecture: Interactive Session on Legal Design
Speaker: Muriel Faden da Silva

13h15 – 14h30:

Lunch time

14h30 – 17h30:
Competition about the Digital Challenges and A.I

  • Thursday (25/07)

Venue: Lisbon Faculty of Law

9h00 – 10h15:
Lecture: Lecture Intellectual Property Rights in the Digital Environment

Speaker: Giulia Priora and Marisa Fidalgo Frade

10h30 – 11h45:
Lecture: Overlaps between Intellectual Property and Data Protection
Speaker: Giulia Priora and Marisa Fidalgo Frade

12h00 – 13h15:
Lecture: Cybercrime and Digital Evidence
Speaker: Afonso de Freitas Dantas

13h15 – 14h30:

Lunch time

14h30 – 15h45:
Lecture: Interactive Lecture on the Metaverse
Speaker: Luís Bravo Martins

16h00 – 17h30:
Lecture: Legal Challenges in the Metaverse
Speaker: Francisco Abreu Duarte

  • Friday (26/07)

9h00 – 10h15:
Lecture: AI and Data Protection
Speaker: Domingos Farinho

10h30 – 11h45:
Lecture: Freedom of expression in digital platforms
Speaker: Afonso Brás

12h00 – 13h15:
Lecture: Automation in the health sector
Speaker: Inês Sítima

Total: 22 hours and 30 minutes

Total speakers: 16


The Faculty do inform that this is a private event. The following questions have to be send to the contacts bellow, from ELSA U.lisboa.