Moot courts

The globalisation of Law education has turned international moot court competitions into an increasingly significant means of acquiring skills.

These are a great source for students to develop technical knowledge of legal English (and sometimes French too), deepen their knowledge in undergraduate subjects and to extend this knowledge to other subjects that are not taught during the 1st study cycle. At the same time, students acquire the tools to train applying the Law to the facts and to test the limits of formalistic application of norms, the same way they acquire practical skills in drafting pleadings, speaking in public and in procedural strategy. As the other participants come from different countries and legal traditions, students are faced with different ways of thinking and working with the Law, which enriches their human and legal training. The work required is very demanding and requires thorough individual research of the national and international academic writings and case law. Law firms therefore understandably value participation in these competitions, where students have the opportunity to represent not only the FDUL, but also the country.

In order to encourage and create objective conditions for the participation of students throughout the bachelor’s degree (1st level) and master’s degree (2nd level) in Law, the FDUL has approved a regulation on the assignment of ECTS to said participation and providing for the coaching of the teams. This is a clear focus on increasing the frequency and quality of the participation of Portuguese teams in these international competitions, aimed at matching that of other European Union countries.

In pursuit of this goal, FDUL has already guaranteed the participation in the following international moot court competitions:

The Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition

Academic year 2014/2015 – Diogo Conchinhas, Leonor Catela, Miguel Mota Delgado, Paulo Ramos and Ricardo Oliveira participated in the White & Case International Rounds (as national champion);

Academic year 2013/2014 – Beatriz Vieira Esperança, Diogo Santana Lopes, Francisco de Abreu Duarte, Manuel Fragoso Mendes and Maria Catarina Louro participated in the White & Case International Rounds (as exhibition team).

The Jean-Pictet International Humanitarian Law Moot Court Competition

Academic year 2014/2015 – Beatriz Vieira Esperança, Francisco de Abreu Duarte and Gabriela Pinheiro participated in the English language session.

In addition to these international competitions, the University of Lisbon School of Law also encourages the participation of students in national moot court competitions, and it boasts a remarkable victory record:

National ELSA Administrative Law Moot Court

Academic year 2012/2013: João Godinho, João Marecos, João Tilly and José Duarte Coimbra (1st place);

Academic year 2013/2014: Diogo Coelho and Gonçalo Bargado (1st place); Gonçalo Fabião and Mafalda Serrasqueiro (2nd place).

Portuguese International Law Moot Court

Academic year 2014/2015: Miguel Mota Delgado (best speaker award); Francisco Cordeiro Ferreira and David Rodrigues (2nd place).

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Francisco Cordeiro Ferreira, David Rodrigues and Miguel Mota Delgado, students of the University of Lisbon School of Law were awarded, on November 24, 2014, in the IV Portuguese International Law Moot Court.