Scientific production

Pledging to adopt a change of policy in the context of legal research in Portugal, the School follows the trends of top international institutions, making its scientific production more competitive, while simultaneously adopting a policy promoting the visibility and internationalisation of its scientific output.

Scientific research activity is an increasingly important indicator for the prestige of institutions of higher education. With this in mind, the FDUL has been supporting research activities developed by its teaching staff and young students, as well as integrating such activities in research centres (see chart).

In addition to supporting the publication of monographs and textbooks, the School will devise new incentives to the publication of articles authored by its researchers in renowned international journal.

Reformulating the current magazines of the School and the creation of new peer-reviewed scientific journals are major priorities of FDUL’s strategy, alongside the organisation of increasingly internationalised and transdisciplinary scientific events.

Another important aspect of scientific research on Law is contract research, which will continue to be developed both by the School as by its institutes, centres and associations. Bringing the Academia closer to the corporate sector and to society is a path outlined by the  Horizon 2020 strategy and consolidated in the Partnership Agreement with the European Commission for 2014-2020 for Portugal 2020 (see chart).