Internationalisation is one of the cross-cut strategic commitments of the University of Lisbon School of Law. As a pioneer and leader in Portugal in the field of legal cooperation with the Portuguese-speaking world (Brazil, Africa, Goa and East Timor), the School of Law relies on a significant partner network with the most important Law Faculties and Research Centres in Europe, either through bilateral agreements or through membership in Law Faculties global networks and organisations.

In this respect, the strategy for the future rests on two pillars: scientific research and teaching. In this context, the mobility of students from the three study cycles, professors and non-teaching staff is a key strategic component. Similarly, it is also a priority to continue deepening exchange and cooperation with the Portuguese-speaking world and expanding the partner network beyond the European continent. In the European Union context, in particular under the Horizon2020 programme, we also intend to participate in transnational research project consortia. Finally, the conditions were created for students to participate in the largest and most prestigious international moot court competitions, on behalf of Portugal and the University of Lisbon School of Law.