Students with special needs

Through the Student Support Office, the School of Law provides special support to students with needs resulting from their health condition, either short- or long-term.

Students with special educational needs are those who have entered higher education as candidates with physical or sensory disabilities, that is, who are physically impaired due to motor disabilities which require medical or therapeutic care and significantly compromise their academic performance and participation, or those who have sensory impairments as a result of permanent visual or hearing disabilities.

Other students may be supported, including students with other types of disabilities such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, physical health problems or limitations, which, owing to their specific and exceptional nature, require adaptations or regular and systematic therapy, which limit or condition their regular academic path.

There are several support models, which depend on the specific needs annually detected by the Office. The following means of support are available on an ongoing basis:

  • Customized and priority service in the various services of the FDUL;
  • Lift and ramp access for students with mobility impairments;
  • Provision of computer resources (laptop, computer with braille keyboard, among others), upon request;;
  • Scanning of essential manuals and books loan from the FDUL library;
  • Flexible methods of evaluation based on the characteristics and special needs of the student..

Location: Ground floor, Room 10.08

[ Regulation on the Support to Students with Special Educational Needs ]