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Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility Office (GRS) supports FDUL students with economic, financial, social and integration difficulties. It operates in conjunction with the SASUL (Social Services of the University of Lisbon), and under protocols with our partners such as AAFDL and AAAFDL of FDUL, disseminating and creting social support to students (namely, scholarships, social merit scholarships, indirect social benefits, among others.

It seeks to identify and mobilize support that satisfies the various needs, such as food, transportation, housing, tuition fees, course materials, among others, of students who are in a proven economically disadvantaged situation or with special needs, thus combatting school abandonment and failure and contibuting to the acquisition of socially useful transversal skills and to the completion of the academic training.

The activities of the GRS are carried out by:

• signaling students with a demonstrated financial need, by means of an expression of interest and at the request of the student himself/herself, and the respective analysis of the situation given the specificity and the identification of potential applicable resources;

• disseminating the existing social support using for that purpose various communication channels;

• conducting information and clarification meetings as regards SASUL scholarships or others;

• supporting students, upon request, in the preparation and submission of their applications to social support.

The GRS also organizes social and environmental volunteer work, supporting the institutionalization of legal clinics in partnership with the Pro Bono and the Comunidade Vida e Paz and Street Clinics specialized in legal education.

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março, 2023