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Scientific Board

The Scientific Board is the decision-making body of the School in charge of scientific and curriculum matters. It is composed of twenty-five professors and doctoral researchers. The Board is composed of professors from the School’s four disciplines: Legal History; Legal Sciences; Law and Economics and Legal and Public Law.

The members of the Scientific Board are elected by all professors and doctoral researchers who are on permanent staff. The Scientific Board is the School’s decision-making body on matters related to teaching, professional development and research. The Scientific Board is responsible for exercising the powers provided for in the law on access to higher education; issuing opinions on the creation of study cycles and approving curricula for the programmes offered; approving or proposing Master’s and Ph.D. programmes as well as postgraduate and other courses within the School or in collaboration with other Faculties; approving regulations for the research-focused Master’s and Ph.D. courses, and developing proposals and issuing opinions on proposals regarding the regulation of student achievement tests; and finally, promoting, directing and coordinating all activities related to pure and applied scientific research within the School.


Professor José Artur Duarte Nogueira

Professor Elsa Dias Oliveira

Professor António Menezes Cordeiro
Professor Miguel Teixeira de Sousa
Professor Eduardo Paz Ferreira
Professor Maria Fernanda Palma
Professor Pedro Pais Vasconcelos
Professor Fernando Araújo
Professor Dário Moura Vicente
Professor Maria do Rosário Palma Ramalho
Professor Vasco Pereira da Silva
Professor Januário Costa Gomes
Professor Maria João Estorninho
Professor Carlos Blanco de Morais
Professor Jorge Duarte Pinheiro
Professor Ana Paula Dourado
Professor Margarida Salema
Professor David Duarte
Professor Fernando Loureiro Bastos
Professor Jaime Valle
Professor Nuno Cunha Rodrigues
Professor Gustavo Courinha
Professor Míriam Afonso Brigas
Professor Helena Morão
Professor Ana Gouveia Martins
Professor Maria Lurdes Pereira

Representatives of lecturers and non-Ph.d researchers
Francisco Pais Marques, LL.M.


Chairman of the Scientific Board

Professor José Artur Duarte Nogueira



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