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School Board

The School Board is the representative body of the professors and researchers, students and administrative staff community, and  is the supervisory body of the Director and the Academic Board. It is composed of nine professors and researchers, five students and one administrative staff member. The elections are independent for each of the three divisions. The School Board is responsible for electing the Director, and suspending or dismissing him or her; appointing the members of the Academic Board; approving the School’s strategic plan following consultation with the Scientific Council; approving the budget; auditing the management report and previous years’ accounts and overseeing the activities of the Director, the Management Board and the Academic Board.


Chairman: Professor Vasco Pereira da Silva


School Members
Professor Helena Morão
Professor Isabel Vieira Borges
Professor José Luís Ramos
Professor Luís Lima Pinheiro
Professor Luís Pedro Pereira Coutinho
Professor Paula Vaz Freire
Professor Sílvia Alves
Mr Tiago Antunes
Professor Vasco Pereira da Silva

Student Members
Mr Amadú Dafe
Mr André Oliveira Carrilho
Mr Artur de Bragança Teixeira
Mr Diogo Domingues Fernandes
Ms Sara Vanessa Antunes Aguiar

Non-school Members
Ms Helena Faria

Chairman of the School Board

Professor Vasco Pereira da Silva