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Pedagogical Board

The Pedagogical Board is the decision-making body on pedagogical matters at the School. The Pedagogical Board is composed of professors and students who are elected within the three levels of study (Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. programmes), totalling ten professors and ten students.

The Pedagogical Board is responsible for issuing opinions on pedagogical guidelines and methods of teaching and assessment, as well as on the academic calendar and scheduling of teaching duties and exams; assessing complaints on educational issues addressed to this body; and approving regulations concerning the evaluation of students’ knowledge in the different programmes, as proposed by any of its members, the Director or the Scientific  Board.


Professor Jorge Reis Novais

Mr Afonso Massapina

Professor António Barreto Menezes Cordeiro
Professor Elsa Dias Oliveira
Professor Guilherme d’Oliveira Martins
Ms Heloísa Oliveira
Mr João Matos Viana
Professor Jorge Reis Novais
Professor José Alberto Vieira
Professor Lourenço Vilhena de Freitas
Professor Míriam Brigas
Mr Ricardo Bernardes

Undergraduate – 1st year
Mr Afonso Massapina
Ms Joana Fernandes Gomes
Undergraduate – 2nd year
Mr Bruno de Moura Melim
Ms Patrícia da Cruz Garcia
Undergraduate – 3rd year
Ms Ana Leonor do Carmo
Mr Luís de Montellano
Undergraduate – 4th year
Mr David Pratas Brito
Mr Francisco Marques Lopes
Mr António José Ramalho Rodrigues
Ms Inês Sítima Craveiro

Chairman of the Pedagogical Board

Professor Jorge Reis Novais