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Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is the School of Law’s advisory body, which encourages its openness toward the community. It is composed of representatives of the main bodies of the School, namely: the Director, who is the chair; the Chairmans of the School, Scientific and Education Boards; the Chairman of AAFDL (the Students’ Association) and the Chairman of the Alumni Association. In addition, the Advisory Board is also composed of seven persons of recognised standing from beyond the School, five of which are appointed by the Scientific Board and two by the Director; an appointed member of the General Board of the University of Lisbon; representatives of the Patrons of the School of Law, appointed by the Director and an administrative staff member of recognised standing from the School of Law. The Advisory Board is responsible for issuing opinions on the School of Law’s strategic plan and the budget; and assessing the three-year curricula plan offered by the School of Law, as well as all other aspects relevant to the life of the School of Law.


Chairman of the Advisory Board

Prof. Doutor Pedro Romano Martinez