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Academic Board

The Academic Board is an advisory body that supports the Director in his or her duties. It was created to prevent the concentration of executive powers and to ensure respect for the participatory principle, following a tradition that has been upheld since 1977.  Its members are appointed by the School Board and it is composed of the Director (the chair), four professors or researchers, four students and two administrative staff members.

Among other powers, the Academic Board must issue its opinion on tuition fees corresponding to the various levels of the School’s programmes; on the beginning and end of the academic year and school holidays; on the calendar and on the schedules for teaching hours and exams, as well as on any other matter which the Director may choose to refer to the Board. Despite the voluntary nature of the Academic Board’s opinions, the Director may, under the general terms of the Law, be bound by them.


Chairman of the Academic Board

Prof. Doutor Pedro Romano Martinez