As an integral part of the University of Lisbon School of Law works together with other schools in the University to complement knowledge, open up towards an interdisciplinary vision, serve the community and ensure an environment conducive to the fulfilment of the human being.

Founded more than a century ago in 1913, and housed initially at Palácio Valmor in Campo dos Mártires da Pátria, the School has been located in its current building at Cidade Universitária since 1957-58. In 2000, it underwent renovations and expansion, providing the space with a fully computerised library, research offices, new lecture halls, a conference hall and a moot court room.

The University of Lisbon School of Law while being a century old, is an institution that invests in the continual renewal of scientific knowledge, so indispensable in today’s profoundly globalised world. An openness towards the study of transnational phenomena and a rigorous technological upgrading of its teaching methods place it at the forefront of law schools in Europe and around the world.