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Fausto de Quadros

Category: Full Professor Emeritus

Fields of interest / research:
Administrative Law
European Union Law
Public International Law
Litigation under Administrative, European and International Law
International Investment Law and International Trade Law
National and International Arbitration.

Academic Qualification:
Bachelor in Law, 1966
Master in Public Law and Economic Law, 1967
PhD in Public Law and Political Science, 1985
Full Professor, 1999, Emeritus Full Professor since 2014

Academic Research and Cooperation
Member of the following research centres:
Lisbon Centre for Research in Public Law

Member of the editorial board of the following scientific journals:
Direito e Estado
Rivista di Studi Politici Internationali
European studies – The Review of European Law, Economics and Politics

Member of the following international research projects:

Jean Monnet Chair ad personam in European Constitutional Law.
On behalf of the European Commission,  co-coordinator, with Professor Dusan Sidjanski, from the Geneva University, of the Jean Monnet Project on “The Future of Europe – The Reform of the Eurozone and the Deepening of Political Union”..
Co-coordinator, with Professors Gil Robles, from Complutense University of Madrid, and Dario Velo, from Pisa University, of the Research Project with Jean Monnet Centres of Excellence of the Complutense of Madrid, Lisbon and Pisa Universities, on “The European Integration and the Social Market Economy”

Other Professional Activities:

Legal Advisor in Administrative Law, International Law, European Law, International Investment Law  and Arbitration Law
Arbitrator in national and international arbitration

Key Publications:

– Manual de Direito Internacional Publico, 3rd. ed., co-author with André Gonçalves Pereira, Coimbra, 1993 (last reprint 2018).

– Direito da União Europeia, 3rd. ed., Coimbra, 2013.

– Droit de l’Union européenne – Droit constitutionnel et administratif de l’Union européenne, Bruxelas, Bruylant, 2008.

– Contencioso da União Europeia, co-author with Ana Martins, Coimbra, 2nd. ed., 2007.

– Comentários à revisão do Código do Procedimento Administrativo, co-author, Coimbra, 2016.

-The Protection of Private Property and Foreign Investment by International Law (In original: A protecção da propriedade privada pelo Direito Internacional Público Coimbra, Almedina, 1998, reprint 2017. It contains a summary in English). This book includes a broad review of the international arbitration on investment disputes, including of the jurisprudence of ICSID. See some reviews of the book: https://www.almedina.net/a-protec-o-da-propriedade-privada-pelo-direito-internacional-p-blico-1563793640.html,– A nova dimensão do Direito Administrativo – O Direito Administrativo português numa perspectiva comunitária, Coimbra, 1999.

– Act of State Doctrine, co-uthor with J. H. Dingfelder Stone, in “Max Planck Encyclopedia of Public International Law”, 12 vols., vol. I, Oxford, 2012, p. 62.

– A responsabilidade civil extracontratual da Administração Pública, coordinator, Coimbra, 2nd. ed., 2004.

– Como reformar o Estado e a Administração Pública?, in Bank of Portugal (editor), “Para uma reforma abrangente da Organização e Gestão do Sector Público”, Lisbon, 2013.

– Global Law, Plural Constitutionalism and Global Administrative Law, in Javier Robalino-Orellana e Jaime Rodriguez-Arana Muñoz (editors), “Global Administrative Law – Towards a Lex Administrativa”, London, 2010, p. 329.

– Portugal e o Direito do Mar, co-author with Paulo Otero and  Bacelar Gouveia, ed. by the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, Lisbon, 2004.

– How we might recover from the economic and social crisis through European integration deepening, in European Commision (editor.), “Jean Monnet Conference 2014,  The future of EU Studies”, Brussels, 2015, p. 20.

– Supremacy of values in the European Union. The tests of the financial crisis and refugees, paper presented to the “Jean Monnet Conference 2015”, Brussels, http://jeanmonnet.ning.com/ Text link.

– Bewahrung und Veränderung demokratischer und rechtsstaatlicher Verfassungsstruktur in den internationalen Gemeinschaften – 50 Jahre danach, in Archiv des öffentlichen Rechts, 2016-1 (t. 141), p. 144. Text link.

– The Future of Europe – The Reform of the Eurozone and the Deepening of Political Union, Jean Monnet Project co-funded by  the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, co-coordinator with Dusan Sidjanski, 2017. E-book link.

Y a-t-il une crise des valeurs dans l’Union européenne? in Fondation Jean Monnet pour l’Europe (ed.), Formes d’Europe (Cahiers rouges nº 218), Lausana, 2018. Link.

Teaching Activity:

PhD Programme of European Union Law

Master of European Law

He lectured in many other Universities, in particular of Europe, South America and Portuguese-speaking States


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