Lisbon Law Review


The “Revista da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa” (RFDUL or RFDUL-LLR) is a journal in the field of Law and associated subjects, published by the University of Lisbon Law School (Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa – FDUL).

Since the Journal has been reformulated in order to highlight its international dimension, the RFDUL uses, since 2015, the English subtitle Lisbon Law Review (LLR).

The RFDUL is published each semester, notwithstanding the possibility that extraordinary volumes may be occasionally published.

The RFDUL has been since 1917 one of the main vehicles of the dissemination of legal debate and knowledge not only in Portugal, but also in all Lusophone Countries and Areas.

The RFDUL is opened to contributions from the FDUL’s Professors and Assistants. The journal also publishes articles from foreign or local external authors.

The RFDUL aims to publish and publicize the best scientific research, contributing to the evolution of Legal science, according to the most rigorous criteria.

The RFDUL has a double peer review process for scientific articles. Commonly the articles are published in Portuguese and English, but the journal also accepts articles written in French, Italian, German or Spanish.

The LLR Regulation and style guide can be found here.

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The submission of articles and the request for information should be addressed to

When submitting the article, the author gives his consent that it may published either in paperback version or online.

It is highly recommended the consultation of the Journal’s Submission Guidelines.

Editing Committee

Professor Doutor M. Januário Costa Gomes

Editing Committee:

Prof. Doutor Pedro Infante Mota

Prof.ª Doutora Catarina Monteiro Pires

Prof. Doutor Rui Tavares Lanceiro

Mestre Francisco Rodrigues Rocha

Dr. Guilherme Grillo

Scientific Committee

Christian Baldus
Dinah Shelton
Ingo Wolfgang Sarlet
Jea-Louis Halpérin
José Luis Díez Ripollés
José Luís García-Pita y Lastres
Judith Martins-Costa
Ken Pennington
Marc Burgenberg
Marco António Marques da Silva
Miodrag Jovanovic
Pedro Ortego Gil
Pierluigi Chiassoni