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Júlio Dantas -

Maria João Teixeira

University of Porto

My period at FDL was very stimulating and gave the excellent chance to expand horizons, both in terms of the world and in the teaching of Law, as well as living in Lisbon. It was also an opportunity to get to know a place of reference, where my mother had studied at the time of 25 April, and it allowed me to strengthen ties with some friends I already knew and to make new friends, and to get to know a unique reality, with regard to the way to experience association. Coming from a much smaller School, as the one in Porto, it was interesting to make comparisons between the environment of both Schools, the professors, the teaching and evaluation methods and the teaching offer. As for the results, the key word is: demandingness and keeping expectations quite low. I have always had the full support of the School, from both the Erasmus Office and the professors, whenever requested, as well as from AADFL and ELSA. Thanks!”

Karina Artwich

Warsaw University

The University of Lisbon School of Law provides a wide educational offer for exchange students. In addition to the regular classes in Portuguese, it also gives the opportunity to attend the intensive programmes, mainly in English. The Professors of the School of Law have a good disposition towards Erasmus students and allow them to take the exams in individual and favourable conditions. Moreover, the cafeteria is run efficiently, the library is extensive and the local students are helpful, which makes studying at the School of Law a great joy.

Antonio Massimila

Università degli studi di Roma “La sapienza”

A unique experience which I would recommend to anyone. Portugal, Lisbon and, in particular, the University of Lisbon welcomed me wonderfully: amazing people, the Professors are always available to provide any clarification, the Administrative Managers always have the right answer for any of our problems. In this context, a special thanks to Ms. Guerreiro who was always available to sort out any issues troubling us. Ten exams in ten months was tough but that did not stop me from visiting gorgeous Lisbon, full of history and culture. I loved these places and I hope to return to the beautiful capital of Portugal, perhaps for an Erasmus Placement. I take this opportunity to greet all the Professors, starting with the Director Vera-Cruz. Once again, thanks for everything.”

Carla Freitas

Universidade Federal do Ceará

The Master’s in European Legal Practice fitted perfectly into what I was looking for, because it has extremely relevant courses in the current situation, renowned professors and the precious opportunity to study at the University of Lisbon School of Law, whose excellence is known worldwide. Despite plans to study abroad and knowing about Portuguese History due to our shared past, I did not foresee the valuable experience that it would be. Ever since the beginning of the programme, I have learned so much inside and outside the classroom. To immerse fully in Portuguese culture has proved a delightful discovery, an experience full of very pleasant surprises, namely because Lisbon is a very inviting city with a unique reception to any citizen of the world. I confirm, every day, that I made the best choice in joining the classical School of Law of Lisbon. I am pleased with the legacy I was able to obtain from this century-old institution.”

Francesca Ruggieri

Università degli studi di Roma “La sapienza”

The Erasmus period was intense and enjoyable. The Professors were forthcoming, kind and well prepared. Ms. Guerreiro was always available and very well prepared.
Everything was perfect and pleasant at the School of Law and for that I want to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!
I hope I can return to the University of Lisbon for the Ph.D.
Thanks again.”

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