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Incoming students: students from partner universities with whom FDUL has an Erasmus+ agreement or a mobility protocol, and who are attending a mobility programme in FDUL.

Visiting free movers: foreign students attending FDUL in an mobility programme, from universities with whom the Faculty has Erasmus+ protocol. These students enjoy the same status as other incoming students, However, the student must pay tuition fees in FDUL, corresponding to the school year/disciplines he/she is attending, on an equal basis with FDUL students.

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International students wishing to attend a period of study in the University of Lisbon School of Law should contact the office responsible for the mobility programmes in their home institution, for it will be the contact point for all the formal and administrative issues regarding incoming mobility students.

The partner institutions, after selecting their mobility students, must submit to the Erasmus and International Relations Office the nomination of students until:

April 30, for 1st semester and full academic year mobilities;
October 31, for 2nd semester mobilities.

Nominations are made by e-mail (erasmus@fd.ulisboa.pt) and must include: student’s name, date of birth, gender, email address, field of study and period of stay. After the nomination, incoming students have until June 15 (1st semester and full academic year) and up to December 15 (2nd semester) to make their online registration. Simultaneously with the online application, incoming students must submit the learning agreement, signed by the student and the Mobility Coordinator at the home institution.

When applications are complete, the Erasmus and International Relations Office sends to the home institution and student a letter of acceptance and returns the learning agreement signed by our Mobility Coordinator, finalising the mobility of the application process.

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