Erasmus – Incoming

The University of Lisbon School of Law has a long tradition of exchange programmes with  institutions of higher education of several countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland, Slovenia, Brazil, Japan, China, among others. Internationally, we offer our students not only a wide range of courses related to national and international law and courses in English, but also offer courses taught by internationally renowned teachers.

We are the largest Faculty of Law in Portugal, with the greatest scientific production and a legal reference library.

The University of Lisbon School of Law welcomes mobility students, visitor foreign students and international students.

If you are a student from one of ours partner universities, then you can do an exchange programme to FDUL.

Living in Lisbon

Lisbon is the Portuguese capital with more than 500,000 inhabitants. The city is served by a good public transport network and is served with cycle paths.

The hottest months are July and August and average summer temperatures are around 26°C and 12ºC in winter.

+ Information: Your way to Portugal: a guide for international students and Study in Portugal


The university has some rooms available for mobility students in its residences. However only a few accommodations are made available, so mobility students should indicate their intention to apply for accommodations in the act of registering on Fenix.
The accommodation in one of the University’s Residences subject to payment of a monthly fee, fixed annually.
For students who are not housed in one of our residences, Lisbon is a welcoming city that offers a variety of accommodation options:

accomodation outside ULisboa;

+ Information: Study in Lisbon – Accomodation


The University of Lisbon has several places to eat and an on Campus cafeteria. The average price of a full meal on campus is around € 5.


Lisbon has diversified transportation network: bus, subway and train. The price of the monthly pass for Zone 1 (Lisbon) is 36,70 € / month.
To get to the University of Lisbon School of Law the nearest public transports are bus and subway.


Mobility students who come from a country not covered by the Schengen Agreement, should ensure timely entry visa to Portugal.

Students from countries outside the European Union can only study in Portugal if they have a temporary student visa issued by the Consulate or the Portuguese Embassy.

Students from EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein do not require a visa. However, if the student is going to stay more than 90 days, he/she must register at the town hall of the residence area.

• For more information on the visa application, please visit the site for the Immigration and Borders Service (SEF) and in Study in Portugal.

 Insurance and Health

• Students from the European Union, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein may ask the European Health Insurance Card which gives access to the portuguese public health facilities. The card is free.

• Students who are not from the European Union must have an international health insurance.
Brazilian students must apply for PB4 form, issued by the INSS Brazil. All students of ULisboa have access to the University Medical Centre.

Living on Campus

Life on Campus

The University of Lisbon School of Law organizes and promotes a number of extracurricular activities for its students. These activities are normally the responsibility of the Student Academic Association of the Faculty.

Sportswise we have several team sports like Rugby, Football, Futsal and Volleyball.  We also have several student clubs and an ELSA group.

The University of Lisbon also has a stadium  on campus with a wide set of sports offer.


Portuguese Language Courses

For mobility students who do not master the Portuguese language, the University of Lisbon provides Portuguese Language Courses for Foreigners.

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