Research-focused Master’s programme

Quality, research and intellectual precision


This type of Master’s programmes is primarily addressed to those interested in pursuing research and teaching careers in the field of Law. It aims to consolidate previously acquired knowledge and promote strategies towards a serious, comprehensive and critical research, providing students with essential tools and methodologies for a scientific legal treatment of the topics covered by each of the disciplines of the legal knowledge. On the curricular stage of the research-focused Master’s programme, we seek to stimulate the creation of research habits and the critical analysis of legislation, academic writings and case law, in order to encourage students to become more creative and increasingly autonomous in their research. The Master’s degree may allow the exemption from additional examinations for Ph.D. studies.

Teaching Methods

These classes are exclusively lectured by Ph.D. Professors with an outstanding academic and professional prestige in the fields of expertise of the corresponding subjects. The curricular phase works in a system of seminar classes, consisting of classes with a small number of students, in which the proximity between the professor and the student contributes to a continuous and in-depth debate on the topics.

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