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The approval of a postdoctoral programme is made individually by the Scientific Board of the School of Law, based on a proposal submitted by the postdoctoral student and on the scientific opinion of the Professor or Ph.D researcher who shall guide the work.

The postdoctoral student shall submit his/her proposal by means of a final report which he/she shall send in digital format to the course supervisor, who shall give an opinion.

Upon delivery of the final report of the postdoctoral programme, the postdoctoral student must submit to the Academic Division 2 copies of the supervisor’s opinion and a request addressed to the President of the Scientific Board requesting the evaluation and issuance of a certificate of completion of the postdoctoral course, issued by the Director of the Law School.

The services keep the original application and hand over a copy to the postdoctoral student as proof of delivery.

The request, the final report and the supervisor’s opinion shall be sent to the Scientific Board for the assessment of the postdoctoral programme.