Students from any study cycle, national or foreign, from the University of Lisbon School of Law or other law schools (subject to submission of proof of enrolment) or any other interested parties can attend the intensive courses.


FDUL Students may enroll in the academic year of 2016/2017, from 12 to 16 September, through Portal Fénix.

If there are still vacancies, 15 days before the beginning of each intensive course, applications will open in Portal Fénix, so students can enroll in the remaining vacancies.

Priority will be given to students from other institutions and the general public. With the completion of the intensive course, grades will be posted in Portal Fénix. External participants may request a certificate of attendance or completion.

Mobility students who attend the courses as part of their study programme, must also register in Portal Fénix.

Bachelor and Legal Practice Master students wishing to replace one or more elective courses for intensive courses, may only sign up during the enrollment period. In such cases, the intensive course will become part of the student’s curricular plan.

NOTE: The same intensive course cannot be used to replace more than one elective course, or simultaneously to obtain the EGC Law Post-Graduation.