Intensive Courses

Dynamism and multicultural experience.

The University of Lisbon School of Law offers Intensive Courses on legal matters, taught in a foreign language by professors from other universities. These courses have a duration of 10 hours (2 hours per day for 1 or 2 weeks) and allow students with passing grades to obtain 3 ECTS.

ECTS obtained by completing two intensive courses of 10 hours for a total of 6 ECTS, may be used in the University of Lisbon School of Law to replace bachelor and Career-Focused Master Programme elective courses. Attendance and approval in the intensive courses, totalling 42 ECTS, together with the delivery of a written paper, may be taken into account so as to complete the Erasmus Postgraduate programme in Updated European, Global and Comparative Law.


FDUL students:
External students:

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