EGC Law Post-Graduation

The Erasmus Postgraduate programme in Updated European, Global and Comparative Law is a specialised educational offer at the School of Law, with an international character and lectured in several languages.

Attending the postgraduate programme corresponds to a total of 60 ECTS, for issuance of the certificate.

The Postgraduate programme is open to Law graduates.

The postgraduate curriculum integrates the Intensive Courses offered by the School of Law.

If the students have attended one or more intensive courses and the credits assigned have been accounted as ECTS to obtain any other degree at the University of Lisbon, these will not be considered in the Post Graduation study program.

Students must obtain a total of 60 ECTS:

  • 42 ECTS, referring to Intensive Courses attended
  • 18 ECTS, referring to a written paper.

The written paper is prepared individually and should address any of the topics taught in the intensive courses attended.

Registration fee: € 500

Tuition: € 2,000, paid in two instalments.

On the moment of registration, the candidate must pay the registration fee and the first instalment of the tuition (amounting to € 1,000 ).

The second instalment of the tuition fees must be paid together with the delivery of the paper.

The completion of the course depends on attending and passing the Intensive Courses, in a total of 42 ECTS and submitting a written paper, which is worth 18 ECTS.

The written paper must be delivered up to 180 days from the approval date of the last intensive course.

The final grade corresponds to the weighted average of the grades of the Intensive Courses and the grade of the written paper.