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Career-focused Master’s programmes

Quality, practical orientation and professional enrichment


This type of Master’s programmes is specifically aimed at providing students with the technical tools necessary for an active professional life, not only in the specific field of legal professions, but also in any other fields which require or benefit from technical legal knowledge, such as business management, financial management and human resources, as well as officials and senior technical staff of the public administration. Its curricular structure and innovative teaching methods aim at deepening the knowledge acquired in the 1st level of studies in Law (Bachelor’s) or to reinforce the specific control over legal tools required in other fields of knowledge.

Teaching methods

The classes of this type of Master’s programmes based on a pedagogical system of proximity between the student and the professor, are managed by Ph.D. Professors with an outstanding academic and professional prestige. They are conducted in a system of plenary classes, focused on a continuing search of articulation between the characteristic technical scientific knowledge of university education and its practical side. We seek, via these classes, to establish an enduring link between academia and the corporate world, as a way to create added value.

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