Bachelor’s programme

Quality, innovation and employability

The University of Lisbon School of Law, while being a century old, is an institution that invests in the continuous renewal of scientific knowledge, so indispensable in today’s profoundly globalised world. An openness towards the study of transnational phenomena and a rigorous technological upgrading of its teaching methods place it at the forefront of Law schools in Europe and around the world. It is distinguished by the quality and recognised merit of the teaching staff, the precision and innovation of the curricula, the insistence on a practical approach to learning, its alumni’s capacity of social, economic and political influence and a cosmopolitan open-mindedness.


This Bachelor’s programme aims to provide students with the necessary tools to approach, understand and handle legal phenomena, in particular, by applying legal solutions to specific cases of everyday life. The body of compulsory curriculum units ensures a solid and complete common basis, allowing the student to have a general knowledge of the legal system, a critical capacity to analyse legal solutions and a conceptual precision when developing argumentative reasoning. The elective curriculum units complement that body of structuring knowledge, through the study of subjects auxiliary to the basic curriculum or which correspond to structuring educational novelties to update and adjust legal knowledge.

Career prospects

The bar, judiciary, legal consultation, financial and tax consultancy, legal mediation and arbitration, teaching, diplomatic career, access to public positions in international organisations, registries and notary, solicitors, court clerks, enforcement agents, inspectors and coordinators of the Criminal Police, business management positions, legal and historical research, directors and senior technical staff of the public administration.