Assignment of Credits and Curricular Integration

After enroling in a course at the University of Lisbon School of Law, the student can apply for the assignment of credits of curriculum units and credits obtained in other institutions.

The maximum number of credits resulting from credit assignment procedures cannot exceed 80% of the total number of credits required for obtaining the degree or diploma.

In the case of study cycles whose curriculum comprises a thesis, final paper or internship, these components cannot be replaced by another training in the credit assignment procedure, without an additional evaluation procedure.

Failure by the applicant to submit a request for a credit assignment scheme until 30 November of the academic year of enrolment implies that he/she must be approved in all curriculum units of the curriculum of the programme in which he/she is enrolled at this School of Law.

Documents to be submitted

Students enrolled in a programme for which an assignment of credits is requested may apply for assignment of credits. An application addressed to the Director of the School of Law can be submitted in the Academic Division until 30 November of the academic year of admission, and must be accompanied by the following documents:

  • Certificate of completion of the curriculum units, including the corresponding grade;
  • Programme and workload of the curriculum units and, where possible, indication of the professor(s) in charge;
  • Curriculum of the study cycle where they were concluded.

The applicant may attach to the application other documents deemed relevant to the assessment of the application. The applicant must provide the documents required for the assessment of the application, including those requested during the assessment procedure.


The applications for assignment of credits are subject to the payment of a non-refundable fee, in accordance with the applicable table of fees. For further information, check the Table of Fees of the School of Law and Table of Fees of the Central Services – Rectory of ULisboa.

Refusal of elements of the assignment of credits

At the request of the interested party, after finding out the results of the assignment of credits procedure, he/she may choose not to accept some elements of the credit assignment procedure, choosing to obtain approval in those curriculum units.

Applicable legislation